Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

Here we look at the different techniques for lucid dreaming and the methods used to achieve them. So up to now if you’ve followed all the basics, dream recall (you should be able to recall at least one dream per night).

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Dream signs  you should also have a comprehensive list of your own personal dream signs) etc. Find out all about Dream Signs HERE

Now as there are different types of lucid dreaming there are also different techniques to achieve them. Now it’s time to take a look at the various techniques to help us get lucid. This will give you a general overview of a few methods, which you may want to explore a little more.  Here we look at dilds and wilds what are they?

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No one thing to bear in mind is that we are individuals, with different motivations and intentions. So a little trial and error will need to take place to find out which technique works best for you.

Different Types of Lucid Dreaming

Ok so it’s time to get going. There is no such thing as a typical lucid dream or a typical technique to achieve one. But having said that an average of 72 percent of lucid dreams happen with a tried and tested technique called a DILD or a Dream Initiated Lucid Dream. It may sound complex but a DILD is simply where you become lucid after the dream has already begun.

Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDs)

As I’ve already stated, these are, by far, the most widespread type of lucid dream. It happens when you become aware that you are dreaming while you are actual dreaming. This experience doesn’t need any training of knowledge of lucid dreaming; in fact it usually happens spontaneously. While in a dream the participant may notice some irregularity or strange occurrence which gives them that ‘Aha’ moment and they realise that they are in fact dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming

How to Lucid Dream without waking up

As you become more experienced and proficient this process happens much easier. For a lot of beginners the DILD generally occurs towards the end of the dream state, just as the chemicals in the brain are winding up towards the waking state. This can be very frustrating for new lucid dreamers. It can also occur, due to the sheer excitement when they realize what is happening.

A Dild Lucid Dream

As your lucid experience progresses and you learn further tricks and tips, you will learn how to shift the initiation of the DILD to the beginning of the dream state, giving you much more time to enjoy the experience of lucidity.
Basically then a DILD is a lucid dream that begins during a standard non-lucid dream. You consciousness kicks in, due to some dream sign or irregularity within the dream state, which allows you to become lucid.

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Wake initiated lucid dreams (WILDs)

Generally speaking, WILDs are less frequent than DILDs. This is probably the most powerful technique you can learn. It enables you to experience a conscious dream at pretty much anytime you choose. It can also generate some of the most vivid powerful lucid dreams, due to the very nature of the technique. Also known as the Mind Awake Body Asleep method, it allows you to jump into a lucid dream directly from the waking state. One minute you are you are fully awake in your bed, the next you have transcended into the dream world with your awareness fully engaged.
The WILD technique calls for a certain amount of skill to get the right balance between, being alert and allowing your mind to relax just the right amount so as to fall asleep.

WILD Lucid Dreaming Technique

The process of this technique involves a period of being awake. So the very best time to initiate a WILD is early in the morning, when it is easy to drift back into sleep. This can be attempted at anytime during the night, should you wake.

Lucid Dreaming

Be Prepared For the Weird Stuff

You may find that when attempting a WILD, you can experience strange things such as a feeling of vibrations running around your body, a weird floating or falling feeling can also occur. Strange noises and voices may also happen. Just be aware that these things may happen and are perfectly natural.
This technique is not for the timid or nervous lucid dreamer. A feeling of paralysis, (while perfectly normal, it prevents you acting out your dream and hurting yourself or worse still, your partner), can be a little frightening if you are not expecting it. The main thing to do here is to remain calm. Be assured that this is the natural process that you go through when you fall asleep. In fact you should start to get excited as, bizarre as these experiences are, they are the gateway to the dream world and you are on course for an amazing WILD time.

WILD Lucid Dreaming – The Benefits

One of the enormous benefits of WILD is that you are in the dream from the start. This can help you to have a fairly long period of dreaming prolonging your experience.
Another advantage of this method is that when you enter it after awakening in the early morning, this tends to be the longest REM cycle of the whole night, so a great way to experience a long period of lucidity. While a WILD may be harder to carry out than other methods, you will find with a little practice they are well worth the effort.

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