Supplements that promote REM Rebound effect.

capsules close up color 208518 Supplements that promote REM Rebound effect.

5HTP – Take at Bedtime

The main advantage of 5HTP is that it enters the blood stream very quickly after taking it. It does this by very effectively crossing the blood/brain barrier. It helps boost the serotonin level within the first 4 or 5 hours of the sleep pattern thus promoting deep sleep. Taking 5HTP before bedtime helps your deep sleep pattern to be extra long especially at the beginning of the night, thus successfully promoting the REM rebound effect.

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Although Mugwort can be taken on its own and can be very effective of achieving lucidity, its real power comes when taken along with 5HTP. This special herb operates in a very similar way to 5HTP and when used correctly its effectiveness can promote some incredible dreaming experiences. Taken before bedtime along with 5HTP, Mugwort can promote the REM Rebound that is required for some amazing experiences.

Supplements that promote lucid awareness during R.E.M. sleep:

Choline Bitartrate and/or Alpha GPC (taken after 4 hours of sleep)

These two remarkable supplements help us achieve lucidity by promoting the production of acetylcholine within the brain. This increase in ACh helps us to connect our thoughts with our memories. We can then become much more aware within our dream state. 

Both Choline Bitartrate and Alpha GPC stimulate the brain connection between the dream reality and our own memory reality. They do this in much more direct way than the 5HTC and Mugwort, which tend to increase our lucidity as more of a by -product, due to REM Rebound. 

They can be taken together or separately, but a bit of trial and error should be practiced as too high a level in your Ach, will often result in a bad night’s sleep. Make sure you keep a record in your dream journal so you can gauge which dosages you respond to best.

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DHEA (taken after 4 hours of sleep)

One of the biggest advantages of DHEA is that it helps you fall back to sleep when taken in the middle of the night. Taking this supplement alone can and does trigger lucidity, but tends to work best when it is taken with choline, Huperzine A or Galantamine. It can be very helpful it you find it difficult failing back to sleep whether in a combination with other supplements or using the WBTB technique.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. If you feel you would like to try out any of the lucid dreaming supplements in the following article you should only do so after discussing your plans with your doctor or a fully trained medical professional. Should you, the reader, choose to experiment with these supplements you do so at your own risk

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