Reality Checks For Lucid Dreaming

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One of the first stages in your Lucid dreaming journey is your ability to be able to realize when you are dreaming and when you are awake. We need to carry out reality checks for lucid dreaming to be successful. Not as strange as this may sound you need to develop a system to differentiate between what is “reality” and what is a dream. It’s all about the reality checks.

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Before the Reality Tests

Now we reach the next stage towards your mastery of becoming Lucid in your dreams. So far you should have been progressing with your dream recall, following the steps outlined in the other posts. This is crucial to begin to build a bridge between your waking state and your dream state. Over a few weeks you should have a record of your nocturnal adventures in your best friend, your dream journal and started to notice your own personal dream signs popping up with some regularity. These steps are crucial to your success, so if you have not done these, please do so.

Reality Checks for Lucid Dreaming

These reality checks are what will set you apart from the average dreamer and make you the elite when it comes to the dream world. The goal here is to make this practice second nature so it become part of your daily routine. 

Ask yourself now, ‘Am I dreaming?’ Weird right? Well if you follow the instructions below and persevere with them in your day to day life, one day you will ask that same question within your sleep and BOOM! A whole new world opens up before you.

Reality Check App

When we carry out reality checks for lucid dreaming, we need to make these tests a part of your daily routine, they should be carried out frequently thought-out the day. You can set a timer on your phone to alert you every 90mins or so. Or download the Dream Journal Ultimate from the App Store, which has a built-in alert.

“For two days, I asked myself if I was dreaming. Of course, almost every time I was not and it felt weird to continue asking, but I liked how it brought my awareness into my waking state. On the second night I found myself outside my house and asked again ‘am I dreaming?’ I looked at my hands and much to my surprise when I counted my fingers I had eleven. I checked again ‘I am dreaming’ I shouted. It was the best feeling in the world. I ran and jumped into flight, testing my Superman skills“. DAVID G.

Lucid Dream Reality Check

The general idea is integrate reality checks into your daily life, so that eventually it will spill over into your dream world. If you practice this over and over again, it stands to reason that you will eventually perform a reality check while dreaming, and when you test your surroundings you will snap your conscious mind into realizing: ‘Hey – I’m dreaming!”

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To ask yourself if you are actually dreaming is only the first stage of the process. The real trick is to become so aware of your day to day surroundings that as you look around your environment you will notice clues that are somehow out of the ordinary. One of my triggers, which tell me I’m dreaming, is that I can be in my local neighborhood, but just around the corner is some tropical paradise. Everyone’s experiences will be very different and it’s just a matter of time and practice before you discover yours.

Here is a list of the most effective reality checks for lucid dreaming:

The ‘Is Everything Normal?’ Test: Take a good look around and ask yourself if everything seems normal. Look for anything out of the ordinary. Are you in a strange place? Are you with people who live in another country? Are there a lot of naked people around? These are the kinds of discrepancies that can ignite your lucidity.

The ‘Words and Numbers’ Check: This is an easy one to do. Simply look around you and find something to read. Once you’ve read it look away and then look back again. If you are dreaming the text will change. I used to use my digital watch (remember them?) and when I looked back if the digits had changed I knew I was dreaming. In fact anything that containing words or numbers will work: a book, a street sign, a poster. This is an extremely good technique and is favored by lots of lucid dreamers. 

The ‘Can I Fly?’ Check: One technique you can do is to see if you are able to fly. If flying is impossible, try to levitate or even hover slightly above the ground. This is my all-time favorite reality check. The one drawback of this brilliant check is that at times you may try and be unable to fly, yet you still may be dreaming. Just remember you should always use a combination of checks to unless of course it works immediately which in most cases it will.

The ‘Light Switch’ Check: Here’s a really easy one. Try switching a light switch on and then off again. If it malfunctions then there’s a good chance you are dreaming. The only downside of this check it can send your spouse around the twist, so it should always be done discreetly. Pay attention to the light. It should be off when the switch is off and on when the switch is on. Look for any inconsistencies. If something doesn’t feel right, you are either dreaming….or you may need an electrician.

The ‘Penetration of a Solid Object’ Check: Ok now we are getting weirder. Try to push your finger through something solid like a wall or even your own palm. Initially it may not work but if you believe that you can do it and you are actually dreaming, you will eventually be able to pass your finger through any solid surface.

The ‘Normal Breathing ‘Check: Here’s a quick and easy one. Hold your nose, close your mouth. Now try to breathe. This can precede the swimming underwater lucid dream. These have been some of my most memorable experiences. It goes without saying, don’t try this for too long in the waking state, as it could lead to fainting….

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When a Reality Check Becomes a Dream Check

The more you can carry out these reality checks throughout your day the quicker they become part of your daily routine and therefore the sooner they will start popping up in your dreams.

Start to question your reality on a regular basis. This in turn will raise you level of lucid living. And as this becomes second nature in your waking life so then it will spill into your dream state and thus assist you in your lucid dreaming practice.

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I was in my room standing near my bed. It was dark out and I thought to myself, ‘How did I get to be standing up?’ Thinking there was no way I could be dreaming, I tested it just to make sure by jumping. My hands passes right though the ceiling of my apartment! ‘Whoa, good thing I checked!’ I remember thinking. Now fully aware that I’m dreaming, I passed the rest of my body through the ceiling and began to walk around the apartment above me. Seeing nothing of interest, I went outside and began exploring. THOMAS P.

Now you understand the ins and outs of reality testing and reality checks, you are on your way to becoming lucid within your dreams. If you are prepared to make reality checks a part of your daily life, your lucid dreaming quest will truly be transformed. And in doing so, your life as well as your dreams may well become a little more lucid

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