Piracetam and Lucid Dreaming

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When I tell you that Piracetam doesn’t actually improve your ability to dream, you may be wondering why take it at all? In actual fact, scientific research has shown that it actually suppresses the dreaming state. But the one magical thing that it does do, is to reduce desensitization of those all important acetycholine receptors. So when it is used in the right way it can be a great addition to our lucid dreaming success.

Piracetam is a Nootropic. And this smart drug helps the brain to remember and generally improves the ability to think. With it low toxicity, which allows it to be taken in large doses and the abundance of quality research, we know that it is extremely useful for a couple of reasons.

1. As mention in other posts Galantamine and GPC increase acetylcholine levels but stay in the body much longer than is really necessary for a lucid dream attempt. Piracetam allows us to neutralize this effect from becoming a problem.
2. The use of nicotine as a supplement to aid lucidity can cause desensitization of the nicotinic receptors in the brain. To counteract this we can take a dose of Piracetam.

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As well as looking after the well-being of your acetylcholine receptors, there is a fair amount of research to show that it can also make you smarter and improve your cognitive thinking. Although this smart drug has yet to be approved by the FDA in the States, you should be able to buy it here at Amazon, if you want to do your own research into the effectiveness of this drug on your ability to become lucid more often.

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Piracetam is quickly absorbed in the system and is completely eliminated in around 30 hours. Is is very important to remember that Piracetam should not be in your system at the time you attempt lucidity. So plan your usage wisely.

As previously mentioned Picacetam inhibits your ability to dream and even to remember your dreams. It is in fact used to counteract the desensitization which happens due to the use of other acetylcholine boosting supplements.

This is the reason that you don’t want the Piracetam in your system at the time of a lucid dreaming attempt. But when you use it in the correct way it can help with the frequency with which you use Galantamine, GPC or Nicotine supplements.

As with most supplements which are classed as nootropics, Piracetam has a very low level of toxicity. This allows high doses to be taken without too much trouble, although if you decide to stop taking it, it is advisable to gradually reduce the dosage rather than to stop it abruptly.

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Another thing to be aware of when considering the dosage you take, is that Piracetam will increase the blood flow to the brain. If you take too big a dose you could experience headaches due to the effect on the blood vessels, as the drug wears off. This can be avoided if the dosage is reduced or spread out.

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Talking of dosage, in his excellent book Advanced Lucid Dreaming – The Power of Supplements,  Thomas Yuschak recommends taking 2400 mg immediately following an attempt at lucidity. This allows him to counteract the tolerance and desensitization issues and also prevents a headache occurring.

Although this smart drug or supplement is sometime overlooked by lucid dreamers due to subtle indirect role in attaining lucidity, Piracetam can play a very important role. When using Galantamine, GPC or Nicotine, Piracetam is used to counteract the desensitization which may happen when using these cholinergic supplements. As previously stated be aware that you should not have Piracetam in your system when you attempt a lucid dream and also remember the effect that large one-off doses can cause you to experience headaches.

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