Nicotine Patch Lucid Dreams

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Nicotine patch dreams can be a useful addition to your lucid dreaming journey, although it also comes with some concerns due to its addictive nature. This makes it a very controversial substance to use, but when used correctly can have a profound effect on your ability to become lucid.

Nicotine Patch or Gum?

There are two main ways of using nicotine, unless you are a smoker. It can be used via nicotine patches which are available from any pharmacy or chemist. And it can also enter the body and thus the bloodstream, by using nicotine chewing gum.

After entering the system, nicotine acts as an acetylcholine agonist. This essentially means that it mimics the actions of acetylcholine within the brain. But this also comes with a word of warning! Nicotine can cause desensitization of the acetylcholine receptors. Bear in mind that these receptors are a crucial element for lucidity, so its usage should be limited

nicotine patch Nicotine Patch Lucid Dreams
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Nicotine Patch Dangers

Many people find that nicotine works very well for lucidity but a word of caution:-
1. Only use it on rare occasions, not as a matter of course.
2. Use nicotine in very small doses only.
3. It is advisable to use something like Piracetam to counteract the desensitization issue.

You will find that nicotine can have similar effects to your lucidity to GPC and can be used quite successfully alongside galantamine, but you must be aware of the potential side effects of this drug and the dosage must be monitored correctly.

The main difference between the patch and the gum are the way and the speed in which the plasma levels rise. With a nicotine patch, the plasma levels rise fairly gradually until they reach their peak. The plasma levels will then slowly reduce and drop off as the time goes by. If the patch were to be removed then the drop off rate would significantly increase.

“By embracing your subconscious, you gain a different way of seeing and experiencing—an expanded perception that opens a doorway, not only to lucid dreams, but also to the mythic dimension.
As in lucid dreams, you see yourself or others with new eyes; your senses awaken and grasp an experience more fully than ever before; suddenly, you find your ears are open to hear with a deeper understanding.” Jenny Davidow

Although this is an ideal concentration curve for those wanting to stop smoking, unfortunately it doesn’t really help in our quest for lucidity. With this in mind and because of the desensitization which can happen when using the nicotine for long periods of time, it is best to only apply the patch during the lucid dreaming attempt and once you wake up to remove it immediately.

If you want to achieve consistent and reliable results the best practice would be to apply the nicotine patch at around 4 to 5 am. This can then be removed when you awaken at around 7am.

Can Nicotine Cause Weird Dreams?

A word of warning ( Another one) If you fail to become lucid while using the nicotine patch you need to be aware that your dreams may seem a little more graphic and disturbed than non nicotine dreams or those achieved with galantamine or GPC alone.

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Nicotine Patch Side Effects

Although the side effects may put some people off using nicotine, if you manage the dosage and restrict its usage you will be fine. If you take in too much nicotine into your system it can make you feel dizzy, give you a bad head, make your skin feel itchy in fact just make you feel generally unwell. But by using it for limited periods and only trying it occasionally you will be fine

The nicotine patches come in three strengths. 7mg, 14mg and 21mg. I would advise you to stick to the 7mg patch. This will cut down and minimise the risk of adverse side effects. If you feel that the lower dose is not working for you, then by all means try the 14mg, but proceed with caution.

Final Thoughts

In practical terms, if you were to use nicotine for the purpose of achieving lucidity and you stick to the guidelines laid out here, your chances of becoming addicted to nicotine are very small. And if you only use the lowest dosage and apply it only for a few hours while you attempt the lucid dream, it is highly unlikely you will notice any side effects. And remembering what we said about the rapid desensitization of the nicotine receptors, you should only be using nicotine every few months and always follow its usage with Piracetim to help with the desensitization issues.

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