How To Keep a Dream Journal

how to keep a dream journal

Your Dreams Notebook

One of the first and most important steps in this Lucid dreaming journey is to get yourself a dream journal and also to learn how to keep a dream journal You can buy an excellent Lucid Dream Journal at Amazon HERE

You will never own a more important book on dreams than this one. You will then use this journal specifically to record your dreams. But this journal will serve many purposes, all necessary to become a proficient lucid dreamer.   This needs to be kept by your bed. You need to write down your dreams as soon as you awaken. If you don’t they will quickly fade and probably be lost to you forever. Because the moment you open your eyes and start to move, those dream memories will be quickly overwritten by day to day thoughts and the tasks ahead

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What's the purpose of a Dream Journal?

The primary goal of this journal is data collection. To record details, dreamsigns, feelings in fact everything you experience in your dreams. This can be what time you went to bed, what time you woke, what you told yourself before falling to sleep. This book will then become an active part of your journey, which you can refer to over and over again to spot patterns, signs in fact anything which will assist you in becoming one of the few people who can control their dreams. Amazing right?

Power of Lucid Dreaming How To Keep a Dream Journal

How To Keep a Dream Journal That Helps You To Become Lucid

  1. Writing helps to remember dreams. More vivid details will occur in time.
  2. After some time you will start to identify your own ‘dream symbols’.
  3. Not only will this improve your dream recall, but it is a great overall exercise for your brain!
  4. Your dreams will get better over time.
  5. A dream journal will help you develop dream recall, causing you to notice different dream patterns.
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Whatever You Do....Don't Move

When you first realize that you are awake, don’t open your eyes. Do not move. Lie totally still. Stay in the exact same position and then challenge yourself to remember your dream. If you find you can remember just one part of the dream, ask yourself how you got there? What was it you did to find yourself there? You will probably discover that one part of the dream will usually lead onto another. This helps the whole dream to come together.

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Write About Your Dream

 Then what you need to do is grab your journal and jot down a few details. Quickly write down a title for the dream, which will act as a trigger for the memory later on. When writing your journal, make sure to write your entries in the present tense. For example, you would write, “I’m running down this street and I see a woman” instead of “I ran down this street and saw a woman.” By doing this it will help you to stay in the moment and will also help you recall more of your dream as you record it.

“Focusing on the bike and envisioning what was about to happen, I made a quick arm movement down to the ground, making the bike fall over. Furthermore I noticed a car driving down my street after that and decided I was going to lift it into the air with my mind. I made an upwards motion with both arms and the car rose about four feet, still in motion and quickly fell back down again as I let go of my telekinetic hold on it”. BEN S.

How To Keep A Dream Journal

Write down every little detail you can recall, include any dream-signs you noticed within the dream. Make a note of any names, places and any emotions associated with the dream. The dream-signs are common themes or symbols which occur regularly, which in the future can help to trigger lucidity within the dream-state. 
Now be aware that you are not writing a novel so don’t be too concerned about your spelling, punctuation and grammar. As long as when you read it later it still makes sense, that’s fine. If possible make drawings or quick sketches of any images that you recall.

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An excerpt from a dream journal (by Jesse Ferguson)

“If you because lucid in some part of the dream write the word ‘LUCID’ at the top of the page. Then make a note of the thing that caused you to realise you were dreaming. What was the trigger?”

Your Dream Log

Make this dream journal routine a part of your daily life you will soon have an amazing and fascinating account of your night-time adventures. Make sure you don’t skip this stage, as this is an essential part of your mastery of lucid dreaming. You will find that with disciplined practice you will remember more and more of your dreams in the coming weeks.

TIP….To help you with your note taking you can write down things like the date ahead of time. Headings such as Title, Location, People present, Emotions you felt, Dream Symbols …..

I have found with my own practice that if I neglect my journal, my lucid dreams become much less regular. All it usually takes is a few days of note taking when I awaken and I am back on track.

Many people use their Smartphone to record their dreams. Upon awakening you can just speak your dreams aloud into a recorder app, and this enables you to write them into your journal later. Now if you choose this method you must be disciplined and make sure you write your note up.

An excellent App available from the App Store and the Google Play-store is one called Dream Journal Ultimate. It’s free so what have you got to lose?


  1. Get yourself a dream journal and keep it by your bed.
  2. When you realize you are awake DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES AND DON’T MOVE
  3. Write without thinking or analysing what you are writing. Don’t forget to doodle and sketch too.
  4.  Make this a part of your daily routine. Get into the habit and it will help with you achieve what you want to achieve.

And Remember Don’t Give Up!

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