Galantamine Supplement and Lucid Dreaming

supplements Galantamine Supplement and Lucid Dreaming

Galantamine works by inhibiting Acetylcholinesterase . AChE is the actual stuff that causes acetylcholine or ACh, to break down within our brain and in doing so allows our levels of Ach to rise. Now when you consider that acetylcholine (Ach) is at its peak levels during the REM stage of our sleep pattern, you can see how valuable this can be.

Disclaimer: The following information is for educational purposes only. If you feel you would like to try out any of the lucid dreaming supplements in the following article you should only do so after discussing your plans with your doctor or a fully trained medical professional. Should you, the reader, choose to experiment with these supplements you do so at your own risk

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And by increasing the levels of ACh, within the brain, you will go straight into REM when you fall asleep. As opposed to the normal process of entering the non REM deep sleep stage first. This is why the time you take the galantamine or other ACh inhibitors, is crucial. If you were to take the supplement before bedtime you are attempting to force yourself into REM sleep when it actually wants and requires deep sleep. Not only will this be ineffective in your attempts to become lucid, but will also deprive yourself of the quality sleep that your body requires.

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This is why we take galantamine after 4 to 5 hours of deep sleep. It literally acts as a springboard into the state we want to help us experience lucidity. And due to its ability to be rapidly absorbed by the body it is the perfect supplement to use alongside the WILD technique.

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Galantamine Mechanism of Action. How does it work?

Galantamine is an AChE inhibitor. Now we know that our levels of ACh get broken down by AChE, it stands to reason that if we can prevent this happening our ACh levels will improve. This is because the presence of galantamine causes the brain to produce ACh at a faster rate than it is being broken down, so an increase is achieved.

As we have previously stated, the value of this supplement is that it is quickly absorbed into the body. It also has a relatively long ‘elimination half life’. This is a fancy way of saying the time it takes for half of the prescribed amount to be used by the body and eliminated from the bloodstream. It will reach its peak plasma level or peak concentration in around 1 hour and will be completely gone from the system in around 48 hours.

A Profound Effect on Dreams

This supplement has shown time and time again to have an intense and profound effect, often resulting in very dramatic and lengthy dreams. These night time adventures are usually quiet normal and pleasant. But be warned! If you don’t allow the galantamine to clear completely out of your system, due to over usage, it could result in strange nightmarish dreams. If this happens it’s a good indication that you need to give yourself a couple of days off from using it. It’s probably not a good idea to use galantamine any more than twice a week.

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Galantamine Side Effects

Many of the side effects listed for galantamine, such as feeling dizzy, nausea and vomiting, upset stomach, tend to be dose related. This drug is regularly used with Alzheimer patients, due to its positive effects upon memory, with some doses reaching 24mg per day. For the lucid dreamer,8mg will be sufficient.

One thing I have noticed is a dip in my energy levels the following day. This is mainly due to the fact that the introduction of galantamine into the system will give a significant boost to the cholinergic system will can result in a disturbance of the much needed deep sleep stages of the sleep process.

As we’ve said before to be really effect, galantamine should be taken around 4 to 5 hours into the sleep process. This will allow you to have the deep rejuvenating sleep that the body craves. You can help this process along by taking 5-HTP before you go to sleep. This will help in the first part of the sleep process by suppressing REM and will also help trigger the REM Rebound effect later on. And with the galantamine suppressing the deep sleep stage it will give you a much better night sleep overall.

Galantamine Dosage

As we’ve said before large dosages of galantamine are unnecessary and could result in some unwanted side effects. I would recommend you start on 4mg and see what effect it has. Moving up to 8mg if needs be. I would strongly advise not going over this 8mg limit.

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When you take galantamine it will stay in your system for around 48 hours. This will result in your brains ACh levels being increased for longer than any lucid dream will last. This may lead to tolerance and desensitization issues. This is why I would recommend using this supplement no more than twice a week.

A quick Google search will show that there are several forms of galantamine available. It is widely recommended that you combine galantamine with Choline. These can sometime be sourced already mixed but can be taken individually as well. Try to stay away from buying galantamine that is pre-mixed with any other supplements.

Give it a try!!

Galantamine can be used very safely, as part of your lucid dreaming journey. It will work best when taken after 4 or 5 hours of deep sleep, so set that alarm. Due to the fact that it will stay in your system for a full 48 hours, it is not advised to take it on consecutive nights

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