Get to know your Dream Signs

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As you start to note down your dreams and the details associated with them, you may begin to notice that you often dream about similar things and patterns start to emerge. This is where we get to know your dream signs.
It may be a relative, a famous person, your old school or some kind of animal. 
These recurring clues within your night time adventures are what we call dream signs. And they can often be the key to unlocking our lucid dreams.

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Dream Signs and Symbols

Once you are able to identify your own dream signs, they can then act as landmarks or signposts within the dream state. And these personal signs can often be the gateway to lucidity. These can help you to discover your own personal landmarks or landscape of your dream world.

“By this stage in your journey you should have been working to develop your dream recall and your dream journal should be filling up nicely with your night time adventures, following the process laid out in the relevant posts. You may have already started to spot some of your more obvious dream signs.”

What you need to do next is grab yourself a set of highlighter pens and begin to explore your journal looking for clues.
Start at the beginning and read through the entry, looking out for anything out of the ordinary, people, places or events that seem to occur time and time again.

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Things to look out for.

  • Childhood home
  • An old place of work
  • An old friend
  • A celebrity
  • A far off country

Symbols In Dreams and Their Meanings

Finding and identifying your personal dream signs will prepare your subconscious to spot them the next time they emerge. 
Once you get the hang of identifying them, dream signs can be like neon lights, flashing the message “You’re in a dream! You’re dreaming!” Using the ever expanding dream journal and its contents, you can learn to recognize your most common or distinctive dream-signs. These will then alert you to the specific ways your dream world differs from your waking world.

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Dream States

When people become aware that they are dreaming, it’s often because they notice unusual or bizarre occurrences within their dreams. By training your subconscious to recognize your own dream-signs, you will develop your ability to use this method of becoming lucid.

” I wonder if I can create a portal. I use my right index finger to trace a circle on the mirror wall. I don’t know exactly what made me pick this destination, but in my thoughts, I pick ‘heaven’ as the place that I want at the other side of this portal. When I’ve  finished drawing the circle, the area inside it doesn’t transform into a portal, instead it swings inward, like a door on a hinge and I go through.” AMY B.

  • Keep a dream journal ( find out how to HERE)for at least seven days
  • Explore your dream signs and highlight them.
  • Make a list and if possible put each one in a relevant category.
  • Practice looking for dream signs -while you are awake.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone?

If you find let’s say one of your dream signs is Will Smith tell yourself as you go to sleep, ‘The next time I see Will Smith, I will realize that I am dreaming.” This will train your subconscious mind to alert you when this happens. 

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As you work through your ever expanding dream journal looking for clues, you can use the space at the end of the dream to classify the type of dream sign that occurred. This grouping or classification is up to you, but this will help you notice patterns when they occur. These could be ‘sadness’, ‘childhood’, ‘frightened’ in fact anything that springs to mind, because it is your mind that these will alert when they happen in the dream world.

Dream Signs Lucid Dreaming

As you work through your journal and begin to categorize each dream sign you may notice that some signs are more specific than others. And these may crop up over and over again. Some will just be one-offs and just are the weird wanderings of the mind during sleep, but it’s the regular ones that you will become aware of.

“This process of familiarizing yourself with dream signs will often cause spontaneous lucidity when dreaming, because you must understand that it’s your subconscious mind at work here.”

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Consciousness in Dreams

The end result of all this work is that you will dream about one of your lucid dream signs and eventually you are going to remember to do a reality and even in your waking state whenever you encounter one of your dream signs you automatically do your reality checks and then one day, not too far away, you will realize that you are dreaming.

By becoming intimately acquainted with your dream signs and then carrying out your reality checks, you will be laying the foundation for the amazing world of your own lucid dreaming adventures.

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