Benefits of Choline Supplements on Lucid Dreaming

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You will notice that there are many Choline supplements available on the market today and hopefully this article will clear up any questions you have relating to that.

Whether they are listed as Choline Salts, Lecithin, CDP, GPC or others these supplements have been an incredible addition to ones lucid dreaming practice. Here we will take an in depth look at each one and their properties.

Choline Salts

This group is made up of either Choline Citrate or Choline Bitartrate. When a supplement is labelled as ‘Choline Salts’ it is generally one of these two substances. Which incidentally are two of the best value for money forms of Choline supplements available.

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Although generally considered inefficient in its ability to pass through the blood brain barrier. Now normally the brain has sufficient amounts of Choline available there already, so only allowing a small amount of the additional supplement to enter. But if the amounts present, within the brain, are low, the Choline will be absorbed much more efficiently. Within the brain it is very rapidly converted into acetylcholine, so it stands to reason that low levels of Choline bring about low levels of ACh and visa versa. And because acetylcholine levels are reduced during the non REM stages of sleep, the transportation of the Choline is highly improved

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One of the major benefits of the rapid absorption of Choline Salts, is that the body allows it to work together with Galantamine. Now if you’ve read the article about galantamine, you’ll know that when used, it inhibits the breakdown of the ACH present, but does nothing relating to the production of it. But with the addition of the Choline Salts, this can effectively jump start the process and ACh is then produced at a quicker rate. These two elements working together can have a tremendous effect upon our ability to become lucid.

GPC Choline

Because Choline Salts depend on low levels of ACh, they can rapidly loss their effectiveness as the level of ACh rises.To counter this problem we can turn to another couple of Choline supplements which are very effective at crossing the blood brain barrier under normal conditions. These are GPC and CDP-choline. With GPC being the most effective. This is based upon two very important factors.

1. The peak plasma time or the time taken to reach its peak concentration in plasma, for the GPC is 3 hours. Whereas the time to peak plasma levels of CDP-choline is around 6 hours.
2. And the ‘elimination half life’ or the time taken for the effectiveness of the drug to drop by 50%, of GPC is 1.5 hours. But the ‘elimination half life’ of the CDP-choline is around 4 hours 30 minutes.

Now although both of these supplements would work well for memory enhancement, GPC has some very obvious advantages within our pursuit of lucidity. Due to the long extended peak plasma levels associated with CDP-choline, you would need to take this before bedtime so it would hit its peak at the correct time for lucid dreaming to occur. This would have a massive effect upon our quality of sleep, as the acetycholine levels would be steadily going up, just at the time when the body requires low levels of the chemical to aid deep rejuvenating sleep. This would undoubtedly result in a huge drop in the quality of sleep in the preceding hours before the attempt.

How do they work?

Choline supplements effectively allow the brain to create and generate more and more of the acetylcholine chemical. And when combined with Galantamine, can have a massive effect on our ability to dream.

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Choline Supplements Side Effects

Most of the available studies show that both Choline Salts and GPC are easily tolerated with very few, if any, side effects. There are very few reports of strange or nightmarish dreams while taking these supplements, although some take Piracetam, afterwards to avoid any desensitization issues.
In fact Choline Salts have very little impact on the dreams themselves unless combined with the Galantamine, when they can intensify the overall results of taking it.


For many of the studies carried out into the effectiveness of GPC the dosage was around the 1000mg mark. Although feel free to experiment with 600mg up to 1200mg and see what effect it has on your lucidity. The recommended daily allowance of Choline is set at 425mg per day for women and 550mg for men. With the maximum you should consume per day is set at 3.5grams.

For our pursuit of lucid dreaming 400-800 mg should be adequate. In his book Advanced Lucid Dreaming – The Power of Supplements, Thomas Yuschak typically uses 500mg of Choline Bitartrate along with 8mg of Galantamine. And when adding a 600mg dose of GPC to the mix he states that the odds of becoming lucid and of radically increasing the length of the dream go up dramatically.

Vitamin B5 Supplements

Acetylcholine is made up of two ingredients. Chorine and Acetyl. Not as you are now aware the Chorine supplements give us the Chorine part of the mixture but what about the Acetyl part, where does the body get that from? The simple answer is vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is usual provided by a healthy diet, but while you are experimenting with these supplements it is probably a good idea to get yourself a good multivitamin and take it in the morning.

Vitamin B5 > CoA > Acetyl
GPC > phosphatidylcholine > Choline
Choline + Acetyl >Acetylcholine

Final Thoughts

Both Choline Salts and GPC are superb supplements to help improve our lucid dreaming. Taking GPC in combination with Choline and Galantamine 4 to 5 hours after going to bed, can be an excellent way to trigger long and vivid lucid dreams. Taking 600mg of GPC along with the Galantamine/Choline combination will give you a tremendous success rate in becoming lucid. It is probably not a good idea to use this combination on consecutive nights and desensitization can be avoided by taking Piracetam immediately after the lucid dream attempt. Both Choline Salts and GPC have few side effects and are very well tolerated by the body.

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